Crewe Hall Wedding Photography

When I first arrived at Crewe Hall on the day of Emily & David’s wedding, I was totally in awe at this amazing venue. Crewe Hall is a Grade I Jacobean mansion built by Sir Randolph Crewe and completed in 1636. It boasts a truly interior featuring impressive wood carvings, chimneypieces, and plasterwork that date over 400 years old. The most stunning part of the hall has to be the Hall of Pillars closely followed by the chapel and these amazing rooms (amongst others) would be featuring in the wedding celebrations.

Jewish Wedding Photography

When I first heard from Emily and David and they described their wedding plans to me, to say I was excited to be part of their day would be an understatement. I’d never shot a Jewish wedding before but was very keen to experience a different cultural celebration and from what I’d seen of other Jewish Wedding Photographers I knew that it was going to be an awesome day.

I began the day with Emily in her suite on one side of the hotel and my other photographer Martin (of Martin Lyons Photography fame) was with David. Emily was enjoying the morning with her family and bridesmaids, Olivia Morewood MUA was on hand along with the girls from Jane Alexandra Hair to prepare everyone for the day ahead.

Tisch Ceremony

Once David was ready, he joined his family and friends for his Tisch ceremony. The main ceremonial element in the Tisch is when the Rabbi will read through the ketubah, the Jewish marriage certificate, explaining to the groom the obligations which will be bestowed upon him as a married Jewish man. It’s also the chance to enjoy a few drinks and chat about the day ahead.

The next ceremony to take place was the Badeken. Once Emily was ready, David made his way up to her suite for his first (breathtaking) look at Emily surrounded by their family. He then gently lowered her veil a symbolic gesture that emphasizes inner beauty and modesty.

Once the family and friends were gathered in the Long Gallery, David was escorted down the aisle by his parents to wait inside the Chupah. He was closely followed by Emily’s bridesmaids and finally by Emily herself who then circled the groom seven times. With these circles, the bride is creating an invisible wall around her husband; into which she will step — to the exclusion of all others. Once the formal part of their day was completed, a glass was wrapped and placed next to David which he stamped on to signify the finality of the bond that has been established. Just as broken glass can never be reconstructed, so, too, we pray that this relationship lasts forever. This was followed by jubilant shouts of Mazal Tov! then masses of hugs, kisses, and handshakes.

Cocktail Reception In The Hall of Pillars

The couple then enjoyed a cocktail reception in the Hall of Pillars before joining me for some portraits around this gorgeous venue. In what seemed like moments later, their wedding breakfast was prepared and the guests were ushered in for dinner. The couple broke bread and enjoyed a delicious meal together. Speeches followed dinner and another recital of the Seven Blessings that took place under the Chupah to finish the meal.

Their evening party began soon after and when everyone was ready, the couple entered to a huge cheer but were then split apart, Emily was taken by the girls whilst David was with the boys. The wedding band Vibetown was in full flow belting out “Horah” and the energy in the room skyrocketed! Whilst the girls gracefully danced around Emily, David was slung in circles, thrown into the air and leaped over his friends. Chairs suddenly appeared and Emily and David were both hoisted into the air to finish off the Israeli dancing.

It was a truly amazing day from start to finish and I enjoyed it immensely. I really can’t thank you, Emily and David, enough for having me with you as your wedding photographer, I hope that you guys enjoyed the day just as much as I did. Mazel Tov!!