Deanwater Hotel Wedding Photographer

Here’s the second awesome preview from this weekend back to back weddings!

Yesterday, I spent a day with Aimee & James. I remember looking at the weather forecast and frowning, I then smiled as I remembered all the fun and creative things you can do in bad weather too! I then spent a very rainy morning with Aimee and her girls as she got ready at the very lovely Stannylands Hotel in Wilmslow. Once she was ready, I raced to Heaton Chapel Christian Church to meet up with James as he waited with the couple’s family and friends.

After a joyful ceremony featuring some of the most enthusiastic singing I’ve heard for a while, the rain stopped and we able to shoot some frames of the couple with their dog Sergei and their friends, before we made our way to The Deanwater Hotel for their afternoon. I have a very serious feeling that I’m lucky with the weather when it comes to shooting weddings as we spent most the afternoon in gorgeously dry weather, even managing to shoot some family groups and stealing the couple for some of their portraits down by the river.

Heaton Chapel Church Wedding Ceremony

After a very intimate dinner featuring close family and friends, the sun came out and produced a very exciting double rainbow meaning we just had to rush out for some pictures! We then spent some time exploring the beautiful nooks and crannies that surround the Deanwater with the aid of the very beautiful golden evening sunshine.

As the couple greeted their evening guests, we ran the photobooth to settle everyone into an evening of partying and after a very impromptu bride and groom toss, we stole the couple to get their final shot again down by the riverside. We left the couple shortly after, very tired but equally happy about such an amazing wedding weekend.

Finally, I want to wish Aimee & James all the very best and also want to thank them for having me as their wedding photographer, I had an awesome day with you all!