Hilltop Country House Wedding Photography

It’s a great feeling when everything goes perfectly when shooting a wedding. The wedding of Lianne and Ben at the amazing Hilltop Country House was very much one of those days!

The sun was blazing as I arrived with Lianne in the morning. She was at home with her bridesmaids, relaxing and excitedly preparing herself for the day ahead. After capturing the details of her dress, shoes, flowers, and accessories, I stepped back and simply watched what was going on. Once everyone was ready, we paused for some portraits in the garden before I raced ahead to meet Ben at Hilltop.

As the sun was still out and shining, the couple had decided to have their ceremony of the patio of the main house surrounded by family, friends and the beautiful gardens. I joined Ben for a few portraits in the garden before leaving him in the company of his groomsmen. Lianne soon arrived in her Imperial Landaulette and made the short walk through the gardens to their ceremony on the patio flanked by a very proud mum and stepfather.

Outdoor Patio Wedding Ceremony

After an amazing ceremony, filed with a few tears, sunshine and laughter, Lianne & Ben completed the formal part of their day before strolling into the gardens to enjoy their drinks reception and lots of hugs and kisses. The couple then took the chance to escape for a drive around the countryside in their car and enjoy some much needed time together. As everyone was gathered in the gardens when they returned, we paused for some family groups before wandering the gardens for some gorgeous portraits before dinner.

Once everyone was seating, the couple were welcomed into their wedding breakfast courtesy of James Brown and sat to eat their delicious meal. I returned to the party as everyone was lounging, chatting and enjoying each other’s company. They were then treated to a round of speeches and toasted the couple with a shot of Portuguese Ginjinha in a chocolate cup. I then stole Lianne & Ben away for a few more portraits in the golden evening sun before their evening guests arrived.

First Dance In The Boogie Room

It was soon time for their party of begin and after greeting more friends, the party took to the fabulous Boogie Room for the couple’s first dance. After Ben gracefully threw Lianne around the room, their family and friends joined them on the dance floor. As darkness was approaching, I took the couple outside for their final portrait by the surrounding countryside before leaving them to enjoy their evening together.

As always it was a pleasure to be at Hilltop Country House and with the Gardner family, massive thanks to Clare, Martin and their staff for all their help. And of course, Huge Congratulations to Lianne & Ben, I had a simply amazing day with you, your family and friends. I hope that you have an amazing honeymoon, thanks so much for having me as your photographer!