Stockport Town Hall Wedding Photography

When I first met Laura & Martin we sat down and chatted through their plans for the day. From what they described and from the sheer enthusiasm in the way they described it, I knew that their day was going to be simply amazing. Also as Martin was determined to attend dressed as Batman, I needed to be there!

Laura & Martin wanted their day to be as unique as possible from a traditional wedding and they certainly achieved it with their Mad Hatters Tea Party theme. It’s always a privilege to get to know a couple and share their wedding day, however in this case I also spent the day with their wonderful fun-loving family and friends. It was a pleasure to work with some amazing wedding pros such as Elle Seddon MUA, Barry Gouldsbury on Hair and Michael at The Flower Emporium.

Highlights of the day include: –

– Laura’s whole outfit, amazing!! Sadly no Batman outfit but Martin gave Bruce Wayne a run for his money in his black tie.

Stockport Town Hall, what an amazing location both inside and out. An imposing Italian marble entrance and the gorgeous Edwardian Ballroom.

– That light! A 4 pm ceremony in September allows you a brief but gorgeously golden bit of afternoon light for portraits.

– The Mad Hatters Afternoon Tea Party, such a relaxed alternative to a formal wedding breakfast and totally in keeping with their theme.

– The Party!! So much dancing, so much to photograph and so much fun!

So to Laura and Martin, a true fun-loving and totally unique couple, it was a true pleasure to spend the day with you both. Huge Congratulations to you both, have an amazing honeymoon and thank you so much for trusting me to shoot your wedding!

Onwards with the preview!!