Wedding Supplier Spotlight – Andy Murphy DJ

Wedding Supplier Spotlight – Andy Murphy DJ

Hey Andy, how did you get into this business?

I was asked by my local pub landlord to step in one night as his DJ let him down. All the equipment was in place, i just had to provide the music. I’ve always been into music so the option to ask me was a bit obvious. I did the night and he asked me to be resident every Friday and from that, I got the bug.

What kind of wedding services do you provide?

I provide an all day hosting service and evening service. You can have both or the latter. Full PA with lighting and myself to present the evening or daytime entertainment.

3 words to describe your business?

Passionate. Bespoke. FUN!

What sets you out from your competition?

I’m a huge people person. I don’t just sit in a corner pressing buttons. I try and meet every couple before the day and really get to know them. We become social media friends and I can follow their build up and include those elements on the day. My skill is reading what’s gonna happen next and  I pride myself on that. By the time the day is over we all become best mates and I have an amazing relationship with ALL my clients.

Quick Fire Questions

Dogs or Cats?  Dogs

Favourite Holiday Location? Dubai

Favourite Hobby? Networking

Jaffa Cake – Cake or Biscuit? Biscuit

Which actor/actress would play you in a movie? Jack Nicholson in One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest.  . . . .  . . . . Agghhhhhhh

What’s the best thing about the service that you provide for your couples?

Getting to know new people. Sharing their day and being able to say “Yeah . . awesome wedding that!!”

What’s the most common mistake couples make in terms of the service that you provide?

A set list that sticks to one type of music. Spread the love people!!

How do you tend to resolve this?

Meet them . . . discuss that not everyone will want that type of music and every guest has to be considered.

Any advice that you can give to couples from your experience?

Don’t get married before 2pm . . it kills the guests, apart from that no. Have it your way!

Quick Fire Questions

Morning or Night person? Night

Favourite Food? Italian

If you owned a yacht, what would you call it? Shabba

Favourite TV Program or Film? Only Fools & Horses

What would you do with a million pounds? Retire!

What do you chat about with couples in the run-up their wedding day?

Timings. Feelings. Music. Family. Guests. Do’s & Don’t . . . it’s more about getting to know them than anything else.

What’s the one essential question that couples should ask you but don’t always?

Can’t answer that  . . . bloody great question!

What’s the best way for couples to find you or see what you do?

Social media and through my website.

If you weren’t doing this with your life, what would you be doing?

Yowsers . . . . probably still be selling houses.

Contact Info

Email –

Website –

Facebook – Andy Murphy DJ

Instagram – @andy_murphydj

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