Wedding Supplier Spotlight – Heaton House Farm

Wedding Supplier Spotlight – Heaton House Farm

How did you get into this business?

The Heath’s have always enjoyed putting on events, they began by arranging Charity concerts in the cowshed during the summer months whilst they were out grazing the lands. Mick, who used to be a DJ for 20 years, decided to put linings up within the barn to help the acoustics. The Heath’s had artists such as Showaddywaddy and Houghton Weaver’s perform which always bought in a crowd. One couple in the crowd approached Mick and asked if he would be interested in hosting their daughter’s wedding, here, in his cow sheds. Mick was over the moon and thus began Heaton House Farm Wedding Venue.

What kind of wedding services do you provide?

We are a bespoke events venue that can host weddings of any size and ceremony, we’ve hosted intimate weddings of 10 guests all the way up to a reception party of 620 guests! We love creating dream wedding days whatever the style couples may be looking for, we have rustic Oak Beamed Barns, glamorous marquee lined barns and a phenomenal outdoor space overlooking the rolling hills of Staffordshire, Cheshire and Derbyshire. We are so much more than just a venue though as we have an award-winning team who are on hand every step of the way and do more than just be there on the day; they talk with your suppliers, collect Public Liability Insurance certificates, arrange arrival times and then welcome suppliers on the day.

We also host Experience Events where we open the doors twice a year to provide an exclusive wedding fayre just for the couples who have booked their special day with us. It’s a fantastic afternoon and perfect for assisting with wedding planning.

3 words to describe your business?

Unique, Picturesque, Customer-focused.

What sets you out from your competition?

Our location is really unique in many ways, it is central to everywhere and conveniently close to Macclesfield Train Station and Manchester Airport meaning it is easy to get to for all of your guests. When they arrive, your guests are welcomed by a farming façade and then wowed once they step inside. We often have people in tears when they walk into our spectacular Steeles Barn, tears of happiness of course! Stepping out onto the patio and looking out across the countryside is a breathtaking scene and one that is not easily forgotten!

Quick Fire Questions

Dogs or Cats? Dogs, we all loved the Heath’s family dog, Jack, and can’t wait until they have another!

 Favourite Holiday Location? We have a few of the team who enjoy going skiing and are jetting off during February to go again! This year 2 of the team have been to Disneyland! But most of us enjoy a relaxing week away by a pool. The Heath’s favourite spot is very close to home as they spent a few days in Rudyard by the lake and can’t wait to go back there – close enough for Mick to pop back and look after his animals.

 Favourite Hobby? A couple of the office team play Netball but this is a little active for others! Haha! We have all been known to go to Bingo and bowling though! For one of our staff nights organised by the Heath’s we went to Cloudside Shooting range and tried our hand at clay pigeon shooting- which we were all surprisingly very good at and absolutely loved to do!

Jaffa Cake – Cake or Biscuit? We didn’t dare start this debate as we have too many discussions on the hierarchy of a box of celebrations!

Which actor/actress would play you in a movie? As a team we don’t have actors that could play us however we often joke that Emmerdale has got nothing on us for entertainment! 

What’s the best thing about the service that you provide for your couples?

Being a part of the couple’s journey from when they first come to see us, seeing them on the day, all the way to breakfast the morning after. Just amazing! What’s more, we even get the couple’s coming back to events such as out Christmas Parties or even back for a picnic under the tree, one couple have come back every anniversary for 14 years so far!

What’s the most common mistake couples make in terms of the service that you provide?

Timings are a big part of the day and an area that a lot of couples are not familiar with so often book suppliers for wrong times in the day.

 How do you tend to resolve this?

We are on the end of the phone 7 days a week to ensure couples can quickly contact us to double check before they book anything. We also provide an example timeline on the original viewing pack to help from day one of planning.

 Any advice that you can give to couples from your experience?

  • Read through the information venues provide from your show arounds and check what is and isn’t included in your venue hire, if it’s not stated, make sure you check with them before you sign on the dotted line.
  • Before you put any money down on anything related to your wedding day, ensure you have researched and purchased wedding insurance that is tailored to your day.
  • Photographs are AMAZING but add that special extra touch with a videographer!

Quick Fire Questions

Morning or Night person? A walk through the venue at 9am will show you exactly who is morning and who is night! haha!

Favourite Food? We are lucky enough to have one of the team’s mums who likes to bake us all kinds of cake, it’s safe to say they don’t last long!

If you owned a yacht, what would you call it? The Metal Micky

Favourite TV Program or Film? One of our favourite soundtracks to play in the office is The Greatest Showman so it must be popular!

What would you do with a million pounds? Continue growing the company and adding new exciting things for our couples. 

What do you chat about with couples in the run-up their wedding day?

We want to make sure we know exactly how our couples have envisioned their day, down to the colour of the chairs, coloured lighting, time they want to do things, every little thing is important to us so that couples can have their perfect day without a single worry.

What’s the one essential question that couples should ask you but don’t always?

When can we update you with information about our day – the answer: ALWAYS! 

What’s the best way for couples to find you or see what you do?

Instagram is a quickly growing platform and a fantastic way to see the venue through other people’s eyes. When guests tag themselves in at Heaton House Farm, whether it’s a selfie in the toilets or a picture of the beautiful landscape, these are REAL images, from REAL guests having a fabulous time here.

If you weren’t doing this with your life, what would you be doing?

The farm would still be going in a big way or diversified into something else, but we wouldn’t have had the team, the fun, the happy memories and nowhere near as much enjoyment! The best thing we ever did was saying ‘yes’ to hosting that first wedding here 20 years ago!

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