Wedding Supplier Spotlight – Satin Pictures

Wedding Supplier Spotlight – Satin Pictures

Hey Mike, how did you get into this business?

I’ve been interested in film for as long as I can remember… it’s the fantasy of it all… from ripping open my pj’s to reveal a Superman costume to desperately trying to skateboard to make me more like Michael J. Fox thus achieving time travel I’ve thought about film for all my life. Imagery and imagination drove me initially to music then after that once technology had made it possible to start making bits of film I started with a small record label doing promo’s, a few music videos and business promos. It was then that Mr Lee Brown spotted a video I’d made and suggested shooting a wedding. He arranged my first one and it snowballed from there… I think I’m about 150 weddings in so far.

What kind of wedding services do you provide?


3 words to describe your business?

Discrete, Honest, Passionate

What sets you out from your competition?

There are so many incredible filmmakers out there but also an awful lot of samey looking work which whilst doing the job and I’m sure the couples have no complaints aren’t really what I’m going for. I tend to look a little deeper at the films. My focus is to anchor the day upon an event or a moment which moved me and I could see was of particular relevance to those involved… whatever that may be. The challenge is you’re essentially being asked to shoot the same story every week… the difference being the characters in each of these films brings their own script and direction. There’s no template to how the films are produced… its very much a flow of emotion and each one being personal to the couple. That’s why I hope you’ll find each one of my films very different from the next.

Quick Fire Questions

Dogs or Cats? Dogs.

Favourite Holiday Location? Paris.

Favourite Hobby? Movies.

Jaffa Cake – Cake or Biscuit? Neither… they’re horrific!!!

Which actor/actress would play you in a movie? Gary Oldman.

What’s the best thing about the service that you provide for your couples?

One of my favourite things is on the day previews… I can’t always do these as sometimes the schedule just doesn’t permit it but watching your couple and their family just hours after their ceremony watching that aisle entry and the first kiss is absolutely magical!

What’s the most common mistake couples make in terms of the service that you provide?

Film Length… Although the entire content of the package I provide is collectively equal to a cinematic movie length (around 2 hours) the wedding films are intentionally kept short to encourage re-watching. I find this such an important point as the ability to relive that day whenever you wish straight from your phone is such a pleasure… having a bad day at work? get lost in your wedding day for 10 minutes and feel better again.

How do you tend to resolve this? Any advice that you can give to couples from your experience?

Through provided examples… it’s a one in ten occurrence so not that often. My advice is trust in the passion I have and the personal experience I have in the importance of preserving memory. They are so incredibly precious, I take that very seriously.

Quick Fire Questions

Morning or Night person? Night.

Favourite Food? Cheese, chocolate… anything terribly bad for you!

If you owned a yacht, what would you call it? The Mr Beaumont.

Favourite TV Program or Film? Far too many to list… From the terrifying to the stunningly beautiful to the bladder bursting hilarious!

What would you do with a million pounds? Give most of it away.

What do you chat about with couples in the run-up their wedding day?

Mostly about the functioning of the day, who will be speaking as capturing audio is equal to the filmed image. Surprises, important things that have meaning to the couple but may not necessarily be the usual things to shoot. I make it clear that although I’m filming, I’m trying to see the day through their eyes… It’s their design really.

What’s the one essential question that couples should ask you but don’t always?

Can we buy you a drink? Yes, yes you can.

What’s the best way for couples to find you or see what you do?

I do no marketing at all, it’s all recommendations and referrals which has worked beautifully for me. Facebook is the perfect start then fly over to my Vimeo page and get lost in weddings for a few hours.

If you weren’t doing this with your life, what would you be doing?

I’m already doing it. I’m a composer of music for television. I hope to begin bringing this element into the wedding films from 2019 onwards.

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